Renie Spoelstra (1974, Drachten) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(Past) Pearls of the North -Paris
2011-10-13 until 2011-09-23

Pearls of the North
Parels van het Noorden, group show of several artists from the Benelux, represented by their galeries.

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(Past) All About Drawing. 100 Nederlandse Kunstenaars
2011-04-23 until 2011-08-28

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Grote overzichtstentoonstelling over hedendaags tekenen in Nederland.
Getoond werk: “Recreatiegebied#73”/2009/240×350cm/houtskool op papier/courtesy Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam.

(Past) Volta 7 Basel

Volta Show Basel
Ron Mandos gallery with Martin Effert, Renato Nicolodi and Renie Spoelstra,
presenting a new series (“Archive: forest”) of 15 drawings as well as large scale new drawings.

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(Past) I promise to love you
2011-02-05 until 2011-05-15

On the occasion of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Caldic Collection Kunsthal Rotterdam presents a survey exhibition entitled ‘I promise to love you’. A selection of over eighty paintings, photographs, installations and sculptures that have all been purchased over the last ten years, constitutes an impressive overview of the Caldic Collection in the twenty-first century.

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(Past) The Armory Show
2011-03-03 until 2011-03-06

The Armory Show New York, 2011
with RONMANDOS Gallery Amsterdam

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(Past) Nicholas Metivier Gallery
2011-03-10 until 2011-04-10

new exhibition in Toronto, Canada at Nicholas Metivier Gallery

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publication 'Darkness is a Place'

Officially launched on the 28th of november 2009, by Hans den Hartog Jager and Renie Spoelstra (publisher d’Jonge Hond, with an interview by Hans den Hartog Jager and esssay by Arno Kramer, design Ferry van Zijderveld/UNDOG). book price € 26,50 order at publisher or by sending contact form to Renie Spoelstra.

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(Past) NL Pop-up London
2010-12-16 until 2011-01-30

NL The Dutch Cultural Pop-up space in London
Ansuya Blom, Martin Effert, Risk Hazekamp, Renie Spoelstra, Willem Weismann, Bas Zoontjens .

‘You Are Here’ is an exhibition of Dutch contemporary visual art at the intersection –one might even say coordinates given the context- of two agendas.

On one hand the show is drawn from artists who have (previously) been nominated for the Sovereign European Art Prize, underscoring NL’s collaboration with the Sovereign Art Foundation.

However, rather than being a simple review or listing, the second agenda has been to draw on specific work from the eclectic group of nominees in order to elaborate a cohesive curatorial thematic. In this case it is one that fits aptly with the mission of NL – The Dutch Cultural Pop-Up Space in London.

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(Past) Palinsesti 2010/"Storyboard"
2010-10-09 until 2010-12-05

Group exhibition in San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy “Storyboard. Images and narrative time”
A project about images, concerning especially what is called Picture Theory by J.W.T. Mitchell and Iconic Turn by G. Boehm.
A project by Roberto Del Grande, Emanuela Pezzetta, Denis Viva

partnership of:
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Provincia di Pordenone, Comune di San Vito al Tagliamento, Università degli Studi
di Udine, Fondazione Furlan

see Palinsesti 2010

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(Past) Beroerd Landschap, Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen

Group show at the new Museum Belvedere in Heerenveen.
with Renie Spoelstra, Olphaert den Otter, Raquel Maulwurf and Henri de Haas

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