Renie Spoelstra (1974, Drachten) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(Past) Art Brussels 2018
2018-04-19 until 2018-04-22

This year’s Art Brussels :new work presented by Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam.

Black Beach, fresh work based on enigmatic volcanic black beaches of Iceland, combined with the series Longing and black beaches from La Palma. The images and associations trigger logical connections in the mind of the Viewer, senses are sharpened and the image seems to become detached from its normal context: all forces balanced as the dead point of the swing. The moment holding its breath. As a deep existential desire or longing.

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(Past) Grand View, Narrow Mind
2017-06-10 until 2017-07-15

New solo show at Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam.
Now, for the first time, Spoelstra’s USA landscapes will be shown alongside her Scandinavian landscapes. The melancholic loneliness that is so prevalent in these landscapes are balanced with a sense of freedom of being immersed in nature. At times, she spends weeks in order to capture the feeling of a place.
Themes of Intensity, secrecy and mystery are reoccurring in Spoelstra’s works. There is an alluring and mythical feel of a place. The series ‘Stretching Universe,’ which is also on display, refers to the scientific fact that our universe is expanding, while here on earth it feels as though it is shrinking with the rise of xenophobia, narrow-mindedness and the continuous threats of climate change. Fleeing, or escaping to nature is not as easy as it may seem.

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(Past) Fear in a Handful of Dust
2017-05-07 until 2017-06-04

Group show curated by Stefan Serneels, at Marion de Canniere Antwerp. With Bart Baele, Steven Baelen, Virginie Bailly, Anouk de Clerq, Atallah, Leon & Cocina Diluvio Productions, Bruno Hardt, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Nick van Dijck, Renato Nicolodi, Philippe Vandenberg, Stefan Serneels and Renie Spoelstra.

(Past) BLACK. from charcoal to high-res
2016-12-11 until 2017-03-19

Museum Kranenburgh Bergen BLACK. From charcoal to high-res displays artists who choose for simplicity, for restriction
and for the contrast of dark and light. They leave the colours untouched and choose
for black to create a work as pithy as possible. Charcoal drawings, black-and-white photographs,
wall reliefs and sculptures balance between abstract and figurative, between the perceptible and the invisible.

Participating artists
Paul Beumer (1982) | Tom Callemin (Belgium, 1991) | Karin van Dam (1959) | Florette Dijkstra
(1963) | Bob Eikelboom (1991) | Anouk Griffioen (1979) | Arjan van Helmond (1971) | Awoiska
van der Molen (1972) | Pieter Paul Pothoven (1981) | Renie Spoelstra (1974) | Levi van Veluw (1985)

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(Past) Amsterdam Art Fair
2016-05-25 until 2016-05-29

Amsterdam Art Fair 2016 this year located at Museumplein Amsterdam!
new work presented by RONMANDOS Gallery Amsterdam

(Past) new purchase by Louis-Dreyfus Family Collection
2016-04-13 until 2016-05-12

Exciting news! The Louis-Dreyfus Family Collection purchased two works of my brand new series Stretching Universe this month: Stretching Universe part 1, Coast and Stretching Universe part 3, Reflected Wetlands.

The last six months I’ve worked on my new series Stretching Universe, part…, for which I connect cinematic characteristics with “authentic” landscapes of breathtaking nature. Stretching Universe refers to the scientific fact that our universe is expanding, while at the same time people on earth have become less tolerant towards each other and in this respect the world thus seems to be shrinking due to narrow-mindedness.

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(Past) Art Brussels 2016
2016-04-21 until 2016-04-24

New work at Art Brussels presented by RONMANDOS Gallery Amsterdam.

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(Past) Nieuwe Gezichten op Dordrecht
2015-10-17 until 2016-02-21

Dordrechts Museum
group show, Dutch: Nieuwe Gezichten op Dordrecht-Dordtse Vedute is geïnspireerd door de tentoonstelling Dromen van Dordrecht (2005) met stadsgezichten die tussen 1850 en 1920 zijn geschilderd, heeft de Dordtse verzamelaar Dirk Berghout 13 hedendaagse kunstenaars de opdracht gegeven hun visie op de stad vorm te geven. De opening wordt verricht door Jup de Groot, oud-directeur van het Dordrechts Museum.
De werken zijn van Led Brand, Theo de Feyter, Daniele Galliano, Pere Llobera, Raquel Maulwurf, Joanna Quispel, Carola Schapals, Arie Schippers, Renie Spoelstra, Hugo Tieleman, Koen Vermeule, Ronald Zuurmond en Olphaert den Otter.

(Past) Booklaunch Special Edition Underneath
2015-06-19 until 2015-06-19


Ik heb het genoegen u te kunnen uitnodigen voor de feestelijke presentatie van de zeer speciale editie van mijn publicatie Underneath. Onder het genot van een hapje en drankje vindt deze plaats op vr. 19 juni, van 17.00 – 20.00 u in de winkel van 13 Speciaal te Kralingen.

Prijs: € 750,- excl. BTW.


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(Past) Special Edition Underneath with drawing of series Random Matter (30)
2015-06-25 until 2016-08-31

A very special edition of my new book Underneath SOLD OUT
€ 750,- excl 6 % BTW for signed book, unique drawing (size of the book 13×22cm), presented in Shou-Sugi-Ban wooden box!
Every piece is accompanied by one of the drawings from the series Random Matter#1-#30, preference possible by mail to