Renie Spoelstra (1974, Drachten) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(Past) Amsterdam Art Fair
2015-05-27 until 2015-05-31

Amsterdam Art Fair new work presented by Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam!

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(Now) Book Underneath
2015-03-09 until 2016-03-09


A brand new exciting purse-sized book (64 pages), introduction and interview by author Ernest van der Kwast, design by Vuurrood Rotterdam, photography by Hans Wilschut, Twan de Veer and me.
edition: 300
published by Renie Spoelstra


to order: please send message to or contact form of this website

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(Past) Book launch Underneath
2015-03-04 until 2015-03-08

Wednesday the 4th of March at The Armory Show NY: book launch of Underneath!

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(Past) Armory show NY
2015-03-04 until 2014-11-08

New work presented by Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam at the Armory Show NY
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(Past) Frac Picardie Amiens, Impromptu I
2014-11-04 until 2015-02-11

fracpicardie | des mondes dessinés
from 4 november 2014 – 11 february 2015
Two compositions by Lukas Hemleb, selected works from the collection, based on a play from Jon Fosse “Je suis le vent” (I am the wind)
artists: Gilles Barbier, Christian Bonnefoi, Patrick Corillon, Olivier Debré, Edith Dekyndt, Christoph Girardet, Robert Groborne, Roni Horn, Lucas L’Hermitte, Odile Levigoureux, Henri Michaux, Bernard Moninot, Gabriel Orozco, Jean-Pierre Péricaud, Carmen Perrin, Ulrich Rückriem, Joel Shapiro, José María Sicilia, Renie Spoelstra

The wind gathers, rising up suddenly.

Two men on a fragile boat, a trip to sea – a few drinks, a bite to eat – when one of them decides to push on to the open ocean. Suddenly there they are: among the distant islands, the threatening fog and gathering swell of the sea, bound together on an odyssey into the unknown.

Jon Fosse’s work includes novels, poetry, essays and books for children. He is one of the most produced playwrights in Europe and his plays have been translated into forty languages.

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(Past) Annual Benefit Contemporary Art Witte de With
2014-10-02 until 2014-09-03

“Annual Benefit Contemporary Art at Witte de With:” 2 Oct 2014

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam) and de Appel arts centre (Amsterdam) join forces annually to bring together an exceptional community including Dutch collectors, gallery owners and engaged guests keen on supporting the arts to benefit the two institutions.

Renie Spoelstra and her gallery Ron Mandos have decided to donate a new work for the auction:
“Rainy Coast (feel it coming)” /2014/107×160cm/charcoal on paper

(Past) Louis Dreyfus Family Collection
2014-07-03 until 2014-07-03

Announcement (proudly): several works found a nice place in the Louis Dreyfus Family Collection please check the impressive complete collection as well as the passionate documentary Generosity of Eye

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(Past) Underneath, solo show Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam
2014-06-28 until 2014-07-27

Summer show at Ron Mandos Gallery
New work based on 'field trip’ to Washington and Oregon, end of summer 2013. Also showing Renato Nicolodi and Sylvia B.

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(Past) Art Brussels 2014
2014-04-24 until 2014-04-27

Art Brussels 2014 exciting new work based on my trip to North West USA, presented by RONMANDOS Gallery Amsterdam

(Past) Vuurrood boekpresentatie Uit de hand
2014-01-16 until 2014-01-17

Uit de hand
Op donderdag 16 januari 2014 hebben we in Garage Rotterdam ons boek Uit de hand gepresenteerd. In drie uur leidde gastheer Ernest van der Kwast ons mee in gesprekken met een aantal van de kunstenaars die aan het boek een bijdrage hebben geleverd. Verder serveerden we biologische hapjes van Vlam in de Pan die geïnspireerd zijn op de materialen uit het boek. De bijbehorende eendaagse expositie omvatte werk van alle betrokken kunstenaars tezamen met grootformaat prints uit het boek.

Mocht je interesse hebben in het boek, via kun je contact opnemen om een exemplaar te bestellen.

Simon Schrikker, Ron van der Ende, Florentijn Hofman, Olphaert den Otter, Lidy Jacobs, Silvia B, Peter Koole, Niels Post, Olaf Mooij, Serge Game, Renie Spoelstra.

fotografie: Twan de Veer

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