Renie Spoelstra (1974, Drachten) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(Past) Dark Matters

Tent Rotterdam presents a groupshow with Silvia B., Marc Bijl, Marielle Buitendijk, Dario D’Aronco, Jeroen Kuster, Charl Landvreugd, Dirk van Lieshout, Sandro Setola, Renie Spoelstra en Fiona Weir. The artist’s work in Dark Matters takes you to a place whose nature is not immediately revealed, a universe that seems to be elsewhere, in the past, in a fantasy or in the subconscious. And yet, the images are etched in the collective subconscious, or we recognise them from movies, a dream or the news. What unites these works is a sense of discovery through feeling your way around. Dark Matters searches for a moment where the world becomes inexplicable, mysterious, and indefinable.

New work! “Pines alongside parking place”