Renie Spoelstra (1974, Drachten) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(Past) BLACK. from charcoal to high-res
2016-12-11 until 2017-03-19

Museum Kranenburgh Bergen BLACK. From charcoal to high-res displays artists who choose for simplicity, for restriction
and for the contrast of dark and light. They leave the colours untouched and choose
for black to create a work as pithy as possible. Charcoal drawings, black-and-white photographs,
wall reliefs and sculptures balance between abstract and figurative, between the perceptible and the invisible.

Participating artists
Paul Beumer (1982) | Tom Callemin (Belgium, 1991) | Karin van Dam (1959) | Florette Dijkstra
(1963) | Bob Eikelboom (1991) | Anouk Griffioen (1979) | Arjan van Helmond (1971) | Awoiska
van der Molen (1972) | Pieter Paul Pothoven (1981) | Renie Spoelstra (1974) | Levi van Veluw (1985)

The starting point of the exhibition is the work of art called Come on Charley, this is the right
path, which was donated to Kranenburgh by Awoiska van der Molen. This monumental blackand-
white photograph, made on the Bergen avenue Eeuwigelaan, stills the time without referring to a
specific moment. Which is intensified by the lack of colour.

The exhibition contains 2 large scale charcoal drawings of Renie Spoelstra: Pacific 2016 and Recreation Area #73 2009 both 240×350cm