Renie Spoelstra (1974, Drachten) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(Past) The Line Up, Centraal Museum Utrecht
2018-09-21 until 2018-11-18

The Line Up With The Line Up: The Power of Drawing, Centraal Museum Utrecht presents a wide selection of drawings by (inter)nationally renowned artists and upcoming talent, both from Utrecht and (far) beyond. Works from the museum’s own collection are displayed alongside loans and pieces created especially for the exhibition.

Centraal Museum Utrecht offers an extensive and rich overview of the practice of drawing from 1950 to today in his exhibition. Besides works from the collection of the museum, the exhibition offer a few special loans. Centraal Museum owns a very rich collection of drawings from the twentieth century, which it continues to expand in this new millennium. For instance, the Province of Utrecht gifted its extensive collection of contemporary drawings to the museum in 2011. This collection forms the basis of the exhibition. Upon request various artists have created new works for the exhibition. Works of amongst others artists Erik Odijk, Marijn van Kreij, Iris Kensmil and Natasja Kensmil, Mounira al Solh and Bert Möbius will premiere at The Line Up: The Power of Drawing. Robbie Cornelissen, artist from Utrecht, is co-curator and iresponsible for the exhibition design.